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Traditional headshot
Headshot commissions 1,2 by WingedWilly
Firehair by WingedWilly
A traditional headshot for your one simple character.
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Dreams above by WingedWilly
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Skully Sammy by WingedWilly
Wild wild east by WingedWilly
Curl in the air by WingedWilly
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Caugth a breeze by WingedWilly
Winterplay Tomek -DiceFever 1 by WingedWilly
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Deathy scratcher by WingedWilly
Fire dimension by WingedWilly
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Among flying petals by WingedWilly
Marked from childhood [Commission] by WingedWilly
The firespitter by WingedWilly
No chains by WingedWilly
Light tricker by WingedWilly
A full art commission involves:
-one character (colors,shading,effects)
-fitting background (colors,shading,effects)

To-do-do list

:iconflaydrawingprogress4:Progress - new page of BtbaH (Page 73)
DragonJoy strips gets upload eventually. :3





:bulletblue:Uploaded or ready to upload,final touches
:bulletgreen:Shading and such,background
:bulletyellow:Coloring and such,outlines
:bulletorange:Lineart and everything
:bulletred:Sketch done,ready to start working
:bulletblack:Getting original idea for the picture/not started/frozen
:bulletpurple:Free mode work

Once upon I saw a montage of a high-level dragon artist.
I touched something purely happy inside of me, by the way it happened right after I finished played Spyro LoS: DotD,
my soul was unstabile atm, I was coming back again and again.

That art of dragons ect was making me so happy and smiling,idk.
At some 50th time rewatched taht video after weeks,
I came up with a ridiculous (as I could have thought) idea,"why wont you draw something like that yourself?"
And atm I thought its the most adequate idea I could come up with.
I started drawing right off that day. (by the way previos 14 years of my life I was drawing only smiles and silly faces and stickmen)
That time I also found out a deviant art for myself. I was stalking it for a while around without doing anything or even having an account and just looking on amazing art.
Im very thankful my family and first deviant encounters werent too fair and honest about what quality of art I was drawing atm.

I could throw that hobby "outta window" as many other. (I had boardgames collecting habit before I started drawing for example)
Im very thankful to the people who supported me, :iconasqard: is first one who I should thank,
at the time I encountered her I was in very unstabile condition and it was her power to either call me into drawing world of art or show its most werid part with critiques and laughs.

Im so glad she picked the first one :)
I mean Im glad she is like that ^^
Glad the first one who I talked with on deviant art wasnt a fat troll.

About Flay and how I created him...well,obliviously he have a complection of Spyro form DotD or something similar. I just loved the idea of complection of thin,agile and young dragon.
All the tricks Spyro does in the series,all the moves... I wanted to create my own dragon on that basis,as most of starting artists these loves Spyro.
At the time I come up with idea to create my character (I wasnt rushing creating my own,successfully copying others)
I saw a lot of spyro OCs,rainbow recolored,long forgotten sons and sisters of Spyro/Cynder,blah blah...
I was so like "thats so not gonna happen to my OC".

I dont know why people chain their OCs to Spyro/Cynder,though I wanted to create separate story and original character.
I saw so many OriginalCopies of Spyro...most of the people give their OCs so much power and powers,those titans are ridiculous in my opinion ^^;

I wanted to create a stand-out OC that is not greatly overpowered by "kill-with-one-blow" or sth like that.
Also I quite dislike fat,immortal,great-muscular,gigantic dragons.
Agility and swiftness are my idols. 

So what I wanted to create - An OC,that is agile,small and quite young for his age,
quite mortal,not gonna say weak but isnt counting on his muscular strenght,
more of speed,swiftness and agility. He should not have great breath or magic powers
those can destroy a planet (duh). He should not look like the most of the OCs I found of the deviantart.
I find horns,even coming in many types and forms,quite common for a dragon OC.
I decided my OC should not have them. Bold dragon isn't an option too.
So I wanted something new and not looking like a horns.
Ears? no way,its very common as well...
Some solid crest? Nope,not just OCs but even Spyro had that...
Frills and fins looks intresting but I dont want a fish-looking dragon.

After all those thoughts I finally finished and found what I wanted.
a hybrid of many things listed above.
A pair of half-soft fincrests,those isn't solid crest,horns,fins.
It's something in-between and new in my classification.

But that was not enough. I did find out that Im in love with glowy stuff,neon and everything similar catch my eye.
I decided I want a glowing dragon. I thought it would look absolutely awesome in the night skies. "Skyflame".
I wanted to call him that at first. But I saw too many OCs with showyoff names,so I wanted to soundy,short and easy to remember name for him.
I wanted somehow to link the name to wings and flying,since that is my most wanted dream - to free fly (at least flying few metres above my head height would be enough.On the second thought,no,it wouldn't be enough) 

I tried many nicknames,as Flye,Wingy,Flyster (geez,I was 14),Wingster (<_<),Flynt (kinda like it but sounds weird in some way idk).
Dont rem,eber when I decided it should be Flay,but it was settled.

Also,as I said before, agility is what makes me excited about character.
Im very excited about East culture with their agile ninjas.
I always hooray at victory of agility over pure strenght.
And ninjas and samurais makes the perfect "what-do-I-want-to-see"
I love both sides here. Hidden warrior of the darkness,sneaky ninja and brave and loyal to their master,wearing laminate armor samurai.

I couldn't stop myself from mixing both into Flay's design.
And that's where the first design conflict happens...

The way out was blunt,yet intresting by some angles.
I decided to learn Flay to turn his inner light off and on,though I made it hard learning to do so for him. (read chapter 2 of "Born to be a Hero")

I wanted his light to play intresting role in the storyline,and it will.
You'll see how he would use it ;)
You'll know why he is glowing anyway,and why he was in some cave with other 4 different colored eggs in a first place,in the very beginng of the story.

I wish you to pick out some tips for yourslef or learn on mistakes (depends of what you see in my story ;))

Official BtbaH comic support team

<-They help you get a new page of that guy

-Lineart manager,Base color manager.

- :iconasqard:
-Base color manager,special effects and background support,language knowledge consultant

- :icondinok-wahrok:
-Base color manager,special effects and background support

People I want you to notice

:iconasqard:<-my first friend on dA and great person :D The first,the best,the great! :3 Also she helps me fixing errors in my comic. x3 Does epic pictures.
:iconmomosarts:<-Great artist and another epic person :D JUST. EPIC. <3 As well as her style.
:iconruscsi:<-Epic artist with her great style,I like it a lot. She have long cool comic with intresting story line. ^w^
:icondeathtail-the-dracon:<- Impressive artist with love to bright colors xP She do cool and awesome pictures all the times :> Also a good person to speak with.
:iconrevenge-dragon: <- She's really awesome mainly traditional artist that draw in amazing dragon style it like too much! :la: I do really hope I can help her somehow with the comic which she's adding my Flay into. :>

Epic works:

Which project of mine is the most intresting to you? 

47 deviants said Born to be a Hero - Comic
15 deviants said DragonJoy - Strip comic
7 deviants said Random pics
4 deviants said Commissions ect.
4 deviants said Gifts (well gee,I want one why not)


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